Mobile entertainment in private cars

Developed for the Aftermarket or OE installation, all products and accessories comply to the strict automotive standards and have passed severe homologation sessions with major car manufacturers and Tier1 industry suppliers. Quantum is the only company that can claim the availability of "Automotive grade" Set Top Boxes and Gateways for mobile TV, VoD and datacast services either terrestrial and/or satellite based but also being compatible with the various standards adopted in Europe, the USA, India, China and MENA countries. Quantum Products, Accessories and Components offers a complete and exhaustive catalogue suitable for building any kind of multimedia entertainment system on any moving vehicle.


q10.jpgNow available as the successor of the QTM-10 firstly introduced in 2007 and discontinued in 2009 is the entry level ideal companion for car TV applications over DVB-T MPEG2.

The Q10 is a completely new designed set top box running Quantum's reliable mobile TV software engine and with its extremely tiny and light weight form factor it could be fitted to any car's compartment thus ensuring ease of installation. The Q10's compatible with most cars entertainment systems offers Free-to-Air digital terrestrial TV reception, diverse antenna technology and an accurate automotive industrialized design thus ensuring high quality, automotive grade reliability and related certifications compliancy. Main features are:


  • DVB-T (MPEG2) all digital dual diversity tuner;
  • Extremely small and compact form factor;
  • 12V -24V- 48V DC compatible;
  • Single automotive connector (fused Molex) managing all input/outputs (power, A/V, etc);
  • Dedicated active antennae 5V phantom powered with Fackra connectors;




q100.jpgThe Q100 is a hybrid DVB-T / DVB-H automotive grade set top box factory configurable to support either of the two or both technologies resulting in an extremely flexible platform. According to the chosen configuration and the appropriate mobile Tv software the Q100 supports DVB-T (MPEG2/MPEG4) Free-to-Air reception and/or DVB-H wiith the PayTV CAS of your choice (OSF/IPDC: NagraVision, Irdeto, and NDS or OMA BCAST DRM profile). 

Developed in co-operation with a Tier1 leading automotive vendor is the result of almost two years of experience in the automotive mobile TV segment. The Q100 features diversity antenna both over DVB-T (MPEG-2 and MPEG-4) as well as PayTV applications over DVB-H where major CAS SIM, micro-SD based or cardless softcell based are supported. 

The Q100  supports DVB-T MPEG-4 SD and HD (High Definition) resolution, now matching the highest transmission quality ever broadcasted. Main features are:


  • DVB-H diversity 2
  • Pay-TV support via SIM card, micro-SD or cardless softcel
  • Major CAS vendors supported
  • Active 5V phantom powered antennae with Fackra connectors
  • Automotive harness and cabling (fused Molex connector managing all input/output)





cartv_200x140.jpgDeveloped for the Eutelsat and SES-Astra joint venture, the Q200 includes a satellite DVB-SH and a terrestrial DVB-H WiFi gateway, a small form factor  S-Band dual diversity active antenna and a smart remote made up of a WiFi Personal Media Player which also works as a portable  4.3" screen. Main features are:


  • DVB-H / DVB-SH_A class 1 seamless tuning;
  • 2.2GHz - 2.6 GHz extended range
  • 2 diversity / 4 diversity factory configurable;
  • Software defined satellite antenna polarizations (LHC / RHC)
  • iFEC long interleaving support;
  • PayTV microSD / Sim based Sw (Nagravision)
  • VoD of stored content on the microSD (up 32 Gb)
  • Integrated Web-server and browser;
  • Integrated WiFi b/g radio
  • Supports 4 simultaneous WiFi independent users plus 3 fixed video screens
  • Tested with most wanted smartphones (Apple iPhone, etc.) see brochure for updated work in progress  list




qtm100_icon.jpgIntroduced in 2006: still un-matched by competition, the ever green preferred choice of the soccer fanatics.

For the first time Pay-TV can leave home and the living-room: crystal clear digital video and true digital surround audio can speed up to 250 km/h thanks to the Quantum QTM-100 multiple embedded CAS set top box featuring Conax CAS7, Irdeto and NagraVision protection systems. Take your DTT home STB smart card with you and slot it in the card reader and let your passengers enjoy your preferred premium content while travelling.



QTM Terrestrial Antennas

antennanuova.jpgSpecifically developed alongside the Quantum set top box range for VHF/UHF DVB-T and DVB-H mobile TV applications. Easily matches any car installation thanks to the adhesive transparent film embedding the active dipole for  non invasive wind-shield applications. Designed to be coupled with the automotive set top box series from which are remotely phantom powered sports an extremely linear gain of 16 dB and low noise figure through the entire VHF and UHF bands ensuring optimal reception of weak signals. A 5 mt high quality cable with Fackra connectors suits any installation needs from the city car to the big minivan.


poggiatesta_icon.jpgIntroduced in 2007: Quantum selected the best in class video components to provide a proven end to end user experience.

Head-Rests for backseat TV applications provide an all in one video system matching any car make headrest type providing accurate same style, color, stitching and grain pattern. Download the brochure here

Roof-Top video stations featuring  integrated protected side-load DVD/CD/MP3 player, 10,0" widescreen (16:9) LCD display, 15 new 16-bit high grafic formatted games, 2-channel IR transmitter, Download the brochure here